Linhas de Negócios

  • Property

    The underwriting of property risks involves a decentralized team and a high level of understanding of the local market conditions, its tendencies and needs. Austral Re develops proportional and non-proportional reinsurance programs.

  • Agro

    The reinsurance company boasts a team of dedicated underwriters in this sector. With solid partnerships in specialized areas, Austral Re presents innovative products and solutions for a new and promising market. It also offers traditional products for the crops industry, forests, cattle breeding and animals.

  • Liability

    Austral Re provides support for long-term portfolios through proportional and non-proportional reinsurance programs, incorporating General Liability, Professional Liability and D&O.

  • Engineering

    The expectation for increasing investment in infrastructure, projects and specific events, and the subsequent increase in national economic growth drives the search for capacity in this line of business. Austral Re works with proportional and non-proportional programs, adding value to our clients’ projects and reducing the volatility of their results.

  • Life and Personal Accident

    Austral Re’s underwriters have been trained by globally recognized partners to develop solutions in line with the needs of our clients. The company is active in aggravated risks and non-proportional programs, such as catastrophe, as well as traditional proportional reinsurance.

  • Health

    Through proportional and non-proportional contracts, Austral Re ensures the suitable transfer of medical assistance risks, thus avoiding the volatility of our clients’ portfolios.

  • Marine and Energy

    The company offers reinsurance capacity for losses and damages caused to vessels, cargo, oil rigs and co-related activities, are they through individual risk or treaties.

  • Motor

    In the areas of motor hull motor liability, the company offers treaties for natural catastrophes, avoiding the impact of large-scale losses due to an isolated event. As well, provides capacity on proportional treaties for risks which exceeds insurers’ retention limits.

  • Aviation

    Reinsurance capacity for aviation is important due to the limits involved in this type of insurance. Included in this portfolio are risks connected to airline companies, aviation product manufacturers and aviation in general, amongst others.

  • Surety

    With a view to meeting the growing demand in this sector, Austral Re offers reinsurance support for the wide variety of different areas insured by our clients.